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Computer Lab

At John Paul Regional we know the importance of technology in the classroom.  All students in Grade K-8 have technology classes two times during the week on PC computers in the computer lab. Students in Pre-K use ipads  or their classroom PC. Students can learn the essential aspects of Microsoft software, along with Internet research, keyboarding, and coding. Older students use the Ipads to film videos, and use a camera for digital photography. We always try to reinforce subjects learned in the classroom.
Students have access to Accelerated Reader, a  program created by Renaissance Learning. The program allows students to select books that they would enjoy, read them, and take quizzes on the books in the computer lab to test their reading comprehension. This is an important part of our language arts program.
As technology is always changing, so is our technology program. So we look forward to continuing to expand our our technology for the 2016-2017 school year as we use the new technology curriculum currently being developed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore. We also hope to add a 3-D printer next year!