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Why is it important to learn Spanish?

The importance of learning the Spanish Language:
  1. "Bridging the Gap: A child who learns a language at an early age can continue life translating for others and developing a stronger vocabulary as time continues.
  2. "The Sponge Effect": Elementary aged children are essentially sponges when it comes to learning. Research shows that children are quicker to learn new subject matter than adults so teaching a new language at a young age has the capability to stay with the child forever
  3. Interaction: There is almost a guarantee that your child will have Spanish speaking friends. Although most of these children will be able to speak fluent English, it can still be a cultural connection for your child to interact with a Spanish-speaking child on their own level.
  4. Easy to Practice: 1 out of every 7 people you meet will speak Spanish. Spanish is everywhere in the United States and finding material to practice with is easy (it's on every label) 
  5. Opens the Culture: By learning Spanish at a young age, a child can grow up appreciating the Hispanic culture in a way that adults wouldn't expect. Learning the language is the first step into understanding the culture better.