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Religion in Catholic Schools

Core Program

            The religious Education Program develops in each students an attitude of prayer throughout their daily experiences. It fosters the knowledge and appreciation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the richness of Catholic teachings and traditions. The school’s objective is to bring the child closer to Jesus Christ through prayers, daily religious classes, Eucharistic  liturgies, and paraliturgical services. Peace and justice issues, mission awareness, and service projects are an extension of the religious program.


At John Paul Regional Catholic School, we feel it is important for the students to have the chance to be exposed to religious education. Religious Education provides students with opportunities to learn more about themselves and how they feel about God, which helps the students to develop a stronger belief in themselves and understand who they are and who they want to be. Through religion, we learn what is morally right, this allows the students to make good choices and avoid trouble. Although we do teach about the Catholic faith,the life that Jesus lived, and how we are to become more Christ-like, we give students a chance to really discover what faith, the unconditional love of God, and belief in Jesus Christ, our Lord,  actually means.